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Books > MMB Vol 363

Chapter 1:
A Generic Method for the Production of Recombinant Proteins in Escherichia coli Using a Dual Hexahistidine-Maltose-Binding Protein Affinity Tag
Chapter 2:
Cloning, Production, and Purification of Proteins for a Medium-Scale Structural Genomics Project
Chapter 3:
Baculoviral Expression of an Integral Membrane Protein for Structural Studies
Chapter 4:
Protein Engineering
Chapter 5:
Production of Selenomethionyl Proteins in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Expression Systems
Chapter 6:
How to Use Dynamic Light Scattering to Improve the Likelihood of Growing Macromolecular Crystals
Chapter 7:
Screening and Optimization Methods for Nonautomated Crystallization Laboratories
Chapter 8:
Improving Marginal Crystals
Chapter 9:
Optimization Techniques for Automation and High Throughput
Chapter 10:
Three-Dimensional Crystallization of Membrane Proteins
Chapter 11:
Crystallization of Protein–DNA Complexes
Chapter 12:
Preparation and Crystallization of RNA
Chapter 13:
Crystallization of RNA–Protein Complexes